President's Message

Dear Members,

I was elected as President during the 7th UCLG ASPAC Congress in September 2018. It is also an honor to be the first woman to take this position. To my fellow women leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, we can do amazing things regardless of our gender. What is important is our managerial skill and ability to understand our people’s needs.

There are many challenges that we face in the Asia-Pacific Region. With the extreme weather changes, we are more prone to many natural disasters.  We have to be ready to protect our cities and our citizens. With the urbanization and rapid population growth in cities, sanitation and waste management issues need to be addressed. We also have to ensure that we provide access to clean water and cheap and efficient transportation system.

In my two-year term, I envision active cooperation among members and strong public engagement of democratic local self-government. I wish to change the paradigm of cities for them to be willing to share with other cities. We can indeed learn and share from one another in many aspects of development.

With UCLG ASPAC, let us take steps towards a stronger cooperation. When we work together, we can ensure that no one will be left behind.


Tri Rismaharini
Mayor, Surabaya City